Sparkle Army 2.0

The Sparkle Army returns to Berlin and with it the greatest party of the year! Join us once again for an evening full of glitter and gold, joy and happiness, awesome music and amazing people! Get your sequins ready, sparkle soldiers, and dance the night away with us.

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We usually never celebrate Halloween for obvious reasons like not wanting to be mistaken for skulls or pumpkins, but this year we handle things a little differently, for Joey Hansom invited us to his very own “Mort a la Difference”. And have a look, it was fucking well worth it!

music by fassbinder

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Official Trailer: Borkum

For next autumn, we have something very special in store. Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by even more awesomeness than usual, because we are coming to your cinema screen. This is the trailer to a full movie about, how can it be any different, us.

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T U M B L uuuu R .

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When we were the special guest at KTV

We were invited to be the special guest at a party at KTV, Berlin Mitte. Nobody, it transpired, took any notice of us. But we were there! Well, here you go.

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Lady Gaga Panda Eyes.

NOW WHAT. Lady Gaga shows up on TV wearing Panda Eyes. We couldn’t leave that uncommented, could we. Everyone will probably have forgotten all that by one week, but we just wanted to make sure we are and stay the original Panda Kids. Here is what we think.

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