Sparkle Army 2.0

The Sparkle Army returns to Berlin and with it the greatest party of the year! Join us once again for an evening full of glitter and gold, joy and happiness, awesome music and amazing people! Get your sequins ready, sparkle soldiers, and dance the night away with us.

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We usually never celebrate Halloween for obvious reasons like not wanting to be mistaken for skulls or pumpkins, but this year we handle things a little differently, for Joey Hansom invited us to his very own „Mort a la Difference“. And have a look, it was fucking well worth it!

music by fassbinder

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Official Trailer: Borkum

For next autumn, we have something very special in store. Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed by even more awesomeness than usual, because we are coming to your cinema screen. This is the trailer to a full movie about, how can it be any different, us.

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T U M B L uuuu R .

Follow us on Tumblr, lovely people!

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When we were the special guest at KTV

We were invited to be the special guest at a party at KTV, Berlin Mitte. Nobody, it transpired, took any notice of us. But we were there! Well, here you go.

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Lady Gaga Panda Eyes.

NOW WHAT. Lady Gaga shows up on TV wearing Panda Eyes. We couldn’t leave that uncommented, could we. Everyone will probably have forgotten all that by one week, but we just wanted to make sure we are and stay the original Panda Kids. Here is what we think.

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Saskia Hahn!

Returning to the Fab Lab in order to interview the artist Saskia Hahn, who might be perviously best known for her musical career, we hunted down not only her, but also the wonderful Cindy Wonderful as well as Peaches! Take a look around …

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Ask the Panda Kids!

Because tons of people ask us shit, we decided to be generous and share with them what’s hot and what’s not. We picked out our favourite and the most asked questions and answered them panda-style.

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Cherryblossom Festival Next Tuesday

Hello dear Panda Kids all over the countries, it is time for us to venture out of our snug homes into the beautiful colours of spring in the Gardens of the World (<– Google Maps link). Don’t be frightened off, there is a bus and a tram that will take you there safely!
Celebrate with us the cherryblossom in the Japanese Garden (inside the park). Please bring something to eat and drink as well as a picnic blanket! Don’t expect a huge party, but rather a wonderfully romantic gathering.
You are asked to paint your eyes like you know we always do in order to become a part of the Panda Movement once more.
It will all happen next tuesday, 19th april 2011, from 3pm till late. Maybe we can light some lanterns when the sun dawns.

To cut a long story short:

Gärten der Welt
‪Eisenacher Straße 99, 12685 Berlin‬
in the Japanese Garden, beginn 3pm

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The Offer!

The Offer at Berlin Collect. A fashion happening with several designers. We picked out a few of them and continued our newfound habit of asking highly interesting questions, which don’t sound at all like „And what was your inspiration for this collection?“

We found out that somebody hates kids and somebody prefers to speak in such a low voice no one can understand a word. All in the name of mystery, obviously.

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High Definition, say what?

Got a new Full HD camera! ❤

Amazing HD movies are amazing.

Y’all know … we don’t make monay, but that doesn’t matter coz we got rich parents.


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Designer Scouts 2011

Es ist Fashion Week, bitches, und wir besuchen die Platform „Designer Scouts“ für Jungdesigner, wo wir ebensolche interviewen, und unter anderem feststellen, was bei kostenlosem Alkohol in Verbindung mit einer Kamera geschieht.
Den Tonfehler am Ende kriegen wir nicht weg, das liegt an Youtube. Entschuldigung dafür.

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Water your mind garden!

Mind Gardens, Mutations and R/evolutions – the most wonderful and colourfully sparkling exhibition Berlin has to offer in 2011 so far. We interviewed the amazing artists Anto-Christ and Alexandra Moon-age, they drowned us in atomic pink and blue and green and watered our mind gardens!

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Panda Party Video!


So finally we posted some Fotos on the Chlorophorm TV Facebook Fanpage, which you can have a look at HERE!

The installation was a huge success, everybody became Panda as you can see in our video:

We all became one, everybody was invited and everybody felt snug and free. Thank you all for coming!

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Finally we host our very first Panda Party at Homes Bar in Kreuzberg. It’s on friday, Dec 10th, 2010. You have to paint your faces like the Panda Kids. Expect panda propaganda, a lot of panda art and a panda movie by Chlorophorm TV.

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Berlin people refuse to dress up and stick to their boring everyday outfits! Attending the wonderful and nonetheless amazing Blitz Kids Party last Friday, we came to this disappointing conclusion. Whatever happened to the Gender Benders? See for yourself!

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ArtStars* gone PANDA!

As we announced, here it is, finally: The ArtStars* episode we did together at Francesca Gavin’s (who we actually ran into at the dress rehearsal of „Peaches Does Herself“ … yeah we were there, because we are better than you.) CHRM CHRM.

This episode is basically about …… us.


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Here it is, the one and only guide HOW TO BE PANDA. We collected two random hipsters on the street, who then were taught by two pandas how to be ahead of time once more. Panda panda panda panda panda. Pandas are soon going to be taking over the world. Watch out, bitches!

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