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Saskia Hahn!

Returning to the Fab Lab in order to interview the artist Saskia Hahn, who might be perviously best known for her musical career, we hunted down not only her, but also the wonderful Cindy Wonderful as well as Peaches! Take … Weiterlesen

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Water your mind garden!

Mind Gardens, Mutations and R/evolutions – the most wonderful and colourfully sparkling exhibition Berlin has to offer in 2011 so far. We interviewed the amazing artists Anto-Christ and Alexandra Moon-age, they drowned us in atomic pink and blue and green … Weiterlesen

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Chlorophorm TV and ArtStars*

Yesterday we collaborated with the amazing Nadja Sayej of ArtStars*. Going to the Grimmuseum in Berlin together, we found ourselves amongst alter egos, the jazz-singing curator Francesca Gavin and finally in a Späti, where we taught Nadja some very important … Weiterlesen

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