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Saskia Hahn!

Returning to the Fab Lab in order to interview the artist Saskia Hahn, who might be perviously best known for her musical career, we hunted down not only her, but also the wonderful Cindy Wonderful as well as Peaches! Take … Weiterlesen

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Ask the Panda Kids!

Because tons of people ask us shit, we decided to be generous and share with them what’s hot and what’s not. We picked out our favourite and the most asked questions and answered them panda-style.

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Cherryblossom Festival Next Tuesday

Hello dear Panda Kids all over the countries, it is time for us to venture out of our snug homes into the beautiful colours of spring in the Gardens of the World (<– Google Maps link). Don’t be frightened off, … Weiterlesen

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The Offer!

The Offer at Berlin Collect. A fashion happening with several designers. We picked out a few of them and continued our newfound habit of asking highly interesting questions, which don’t sound at all like „And what was your inspiration for … Weiterlesen

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High Definition, say what?

Got a new Full HD camera! ❤ Amazing HD movies are amazing. Y’all know … we don’t make monay, but that doesn’t matter coz we got rich parents. xxx

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Designer Scouts 2011

Es ist Fashion Week, bitches, und wir besuchen die Platform „Designer Scouts“ für Jungdesigner, wo wir ebensolche interviewen, und unter anderem feststellen, was bei kostenlosem Alkohol in Verbindung mit einer Kamera geschieht. Den Tonfehler am Ende kriegen wir nicht weg, … Weiterlesen

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